Enrichment opportunities

We encourage our students to leave us as well-rounded adults, equipped with a range of life skills.

Growth mindset is an ethos running through our pastoral system and is core to our individualised programme, offering both challenge and personal development. Not only do employers and universities seek to recruit students with a wide range of interests and experiences, they are also looking for CVs and personal statements built with sophistication and confidence. We work to develop these skills by allocating specific time to personal development.

All students are expected to participate in our enrichment programme. This aims to develop the holistic individual, encouraging personal growth, community engagement and embracing challenge.

The six areas of enrichment are seen as:

  • intellectual growth
  • creative growth
  • performance or demonstrable confidence growth
  • technical growth
  • physical growth
  • community growth

Students are encouraged to pick up at least one enrichment activity per term, which corresponds to one of the six areas. Our programme is constantly evolving and we encourage students to inform us of any provision they would like to see.

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