Sixth form dress code

The sixth form are the leading students in the school community. Our Academy is a workplace and students’ appearance should reflect this. sixth form students should dress smartly and appropriately for a working day ‘in the office’.

It is important that sixth form students should be sensitive to our school community and set a good example to our younger students. sixth form study is about encouraging independence and an intellectually creative mind. The dress code should be able to reflect a student’s individuality without compromising the school’s high standards.

The objectives of our dress code are:

  • to prepare students for expectations from future employers,
  • to promote self-esteem amongst our students,
  • to set high standards as role models for the younger students in the Academy and to maintain our excellent reputation in the wider community,
  • to ensure clothing does not cause offence.

The following items must be avoided:

  • Revealing, cropped or strappy tops
  • Hats, hoods and caps being worn in the building
  • Clothing with political and /or offensive slogans
  • Clothes with rips or tears that show a significant amount of skin
  • Inappropriately short skirts or inappropriately short shorts
  • Beachwear (including flip flops)

Hair colour should not be dyed unnatural colours and should be of the colour and style suitable for work in a professional, office type environment. Additionally, there should be NO tattoos or spacer earrings visible.