Pupil premium funding

The pupil premium represents an annual amount of government funding aimed at improving the educational achievement of children living in economically disadvantaged circumstances. Schools and academies are required to publish an annual report, giving further detail of how this funding is used, and indications of the educational impact on the children it is aimed at helping.

Pupil premium strategy statement 2023-24

Recovery premium

The recovery premium grant is part of the government’s package of funding to support students whose education has been impacted by coronavirus (Covid-19). It is focused on pupil premium eligible students and students in specialist settings such as special schools, special units and pupil referral units (PRUs). This is because of the additional impact of the pandemic on these students. The following information details how we will use our funding at Retford Oaks Academy.

How we intend to use the grant

Targeted one-to-one intervention in key stage 3 core subjects 1.5 staff) – 1 year contract.One-to-one mentor employed to support targeted students where there is a specific need/shortfall in English and/or maths due to the impact of COVID-19 lockdown.
Teaching assistant to provide support where there is a recovery need at key stage 4 - 1 year contract.Teaching assistant employed with a specific focus on working with key stage 4 students where there is a recovery need. This will be directed to either small group work or on individuals working on a needs basis.
Small group teaching offer made to all teaching staff for period 8 or holiday teaching at October half term, February half term and Easter.An offer will be made to all staff for them to teach small groups outside of work hours at the standard rate of £25 per hour.
Specialist online support packages.Ensure that students are able to access online support for subjects.

How we will assess the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of our students

Student progress and attainment will be tracked through the three formal data points that we have during the year, this will allow us to track overall progress and attainment of students across all subjects. This will be done using GO 4 Schools.

• A detailed analysis will be presented to senior and middle leaders after each data point, this will includes analysis of all groups so trends can be spotted and acted upon.
• Internal tracking of the small group intervention will be used to track progress, these will be reviewed at the end of each term.