Whilst we pride ourselves on our academic excellence, we also offer our students so much more. In addition to working hard and striving for exam success, each student is encouraged to develop their personal and social skills. The academy provides many activities outside of the timetable to enable students to express themselves, nurture their existing talents or try something new.

We deliver an excellent programme of enrichment which includes sport, music and drama, and a number of visits to theatre and cultural events.

Involvement in our student leadership team allows students the chance to have their say on matters that are important to them within the academy, with their ideas presented to senior staff and implemented where appropriate. The student leadership team is made up of representatives from all year groups. It offers its members the chance to develop leadership, decision making and communication skills.

Many of our students also choose to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. This gives them a chance to experience new activities, make new friendships and develop as individuals. Through a mixture of activities – physical, skills, volunteering and expeditions – students work towards bronze, silver and gold awards, supported by academy staff and mentors.

Residential trips take place throughout the year and are linked to curriculum areas such as PE, geography and history. Previous trips have included visits to France, Spain and Germany, alongside visits within the UK.

We are also proud of our close links with the British Legion and the role we play in raising awareness of the annual Poppy Appeal. This is a key example of how we embrace the British Values agenda and promote it throughout the academy.