Exam Board – Edexcel

Qualification – Level 3 National Extended Certificate

Entry requirements – Standard entry requirement

Course specification

The Health and Social Care course is designed to give students a practical insight into a range of health and social care environments, exploring how they function, the care provided and the expectations placed on service providers.

Students will be encouraged to learn through a range of different techniques including role play, group work and discussions. The course encourages students to look into the areas of health and social care that are most appealing to them, tailoring the assignments to suit their own interests and future needs. The assignments also encourage independence and organisation, preparing students for further study.

The course promotes understanding, empathy, communication and professionalism, skills valued in any work place. More specifically, progression through the health and social care course will allow students to apply for further education courses and vocations in a range of health and social care professions and settings, including careers in a range of health care roles, nursing, social care, childcare, teaching and therapy.

Syllabus content:

  • human lifespan and development
  • meeting individual care and support needs#
  • working in health and social care
  • supporting individuals with additional needs

Students are examined by:

  • written examinations
  • internal assessment activities