Exam Board – OCR

Qualification – A Level

Entry requirements – Standard entry requirement

Course specification

During this course, students will explore, research and acquire techniques and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of photographic media. You will explore relevant images, artefacts and resources relating to traditional and/or digital photography. You may use traditional methods such as photographic film and/or digital techniques to produce images.

You will be expected to demonstrate specialisation in particular media or processes to allow an appropriate depth of study. This can be achieved by working toward the extension and development of particular themes, ideas or issues.

Your drawing skills will be developed as appropriate to the ways of recording and communicating your intentions, ideas and emotions in the context of photography

Syllabus content:

  • portraiture
  • landscape photography
  • commercial photography
  • still-life photography
  • documentary photography
  • experimental imagery
  • editorial photography
  • photographic installation
  • the photographic process
  • moving image
  • animation

Students are examined by:

  • personal investigation
  • externally set task