Exam Board – AQA

Qualification – A Level

Entry requirements –GCSE grade 5 in English language and Maths, and grade 5 in History.

Course specification

History enables you to develop an understanding of the past and provides you with an overview of change and continuity of human history.

A range of units allow you to explore key areas of political and social history in Britain, Europe and the wider world.

You will also develop skills in communication, analysis, interpretation and evaluation. You can expect to be challenged intellectually, take an active role in the consideration of issues, become more sophisticated in your thinking and expression, and will enjoy learning the subject using a range of approaches.

Syllabus content:

  • breadth study – tsarist and communist Russia, 1855–1964
  • depth study – the English civil war
  • in depth historical investigation – own choice of subject

Students are examined by:

  • written examinations
  • coursework