A year 11 student is raising money in memory of his childhood best friend by taking part in a skydive on Wednesday 5 April.

Charlie P is 16 years old and sadly experienced the death of his primary school best friend, Zain, at the start of this month. Having been friends since they were 3 years old, Charlie is fundraising with the goal of raising money towards the cost of a headstone and potentially a memorial for him.

The GoFundMe page was set up by a mutual friend, Madeleine, who describes Zain as ‘a fantastic friend to many and the kindest boy I’ve ever known.’ Madeleine came up with the idea to do a skydive to raise the money and Charlie was keen to get involved as soon as he heard.

“I told my parents about it and they were all for it, they rang the skydive company the next day and got me booked on the same plane as Madeleine.”

An aviation enthusiast, Charlie is currently in the middle of applying for a aircraft engineering and maintenance course at ASI Newark, with a view to gaining an apprenticeship in the field afterwards. He recently experienced a lesson in flying a plane for his 16th birthday and feels like the skydive is the perfect next step for him to honour his friend.

“I don’t even feel nervous, I can’t wait to do it and I’m glad I can raise money for Zain by doing something I love.”

At the time of writing, the teens are currently at £1472 of their current £1500 target, with hopes to increase it to £2000 if they hit their goal by this evening.

If you wish to support and donate to their fundraiser, please head to their GoFundMe page.