After a long 2 year hiatus, our keen geography students were back exploring the beautiful Peak District as part of their year 10 fieldwork module.

The cooler weather provided the perfect opportunity to delve into measuring and analysing the local rivers and streams, whilst even making a furry friend along the way.

Our enthusiastic students spent the morning hiking and recording data to support their hypothesis around river widths, then switched up the itinerary for the afternoon to explore the peaceful village of Castleton.

Two contrasting sites were surveyed at Castleton, investigating the impact that tourism has had on the village. The students experienced first-hand from their case studies that congestion was a problem that tourism has brought to the village.

Each and every student displayed perfect manners, kindness and respect for both the public and the natural surroundings, whilst safely recording their findings and having a wonderful time. There was even time to enjoy an ice cream!