On Wednesday 22 March our senior student council held their first ‘action group fayre.’
The event took place in the sports hall with the aim of recruiting more students to join
one of the six action groups created by the student council.

The event on Wednesday was designed to promote the action groups to all students for
two reasons – we wanted to recruit more students into the student council and also
show all students that there are others across the school who will hear their voice and
act on their behalf to improve the academy.

Our student council currently has 18 members split amongst the six groups consisting
of inclusion, eco/environment, curriculum, personal development, enrichment and
community. Even group has its own goals, plans and ideas for improving the school day
and the academy environment.

The 18 members of the senior student council researched their area of interest and
worked tirelessly to produce and deliver their excellent presentations to the rest of the
Academy across the event. These students spoke confidently and articulately about
their content and delivered their messages with passion, with the visiting students
respecting them and their efforts brilliantly.

So far, we’ve counted over 150 expressions of interest to join one of the action groups
as a result of the fayre. This is an excellent result and testament to how well presented
the student council were but also how keen all our students were to listen to their
peers. This also shows the dedication the rest of our students have towards their
academy and their willingness to be a part of positive change in and around our
academy community.

Attention now turns to the expressions of interest where the students in their action
groups will send out application forms, shortlist, interview and appoint successful new
members to their action groups creating a larger workforce to create positive change in
and around our academy.

Watch this space!