Students from Retford Oaks Academy are looking forward to the future after a set of excellent GCSE results.

As the new, tougher GCSE grading structure was this year extended to include more academic subjects such as history, modern languages and geography, in addition to the core subjects of maths, English and the sciences, students were hoping for the coveted highest grade 9 (the equivalent of A**). The academy achieved 30 grade 9s this year.

Triplets Georgia, Amy and James White achieved a set of outstanding results, including three grade 9s and five grade 8s for Georgia, six grade 9s for Amy and two grade 8s for James, who said: “I am thrilled at my results and my sisters’ results. We have all worked extremely hard and are all really looking forward to our A Levels. I am going to be studying economics.” The triplets celebrate their sixteenth birthday next week, which their mum said: “is going to cost me a fortune, especially now they have done so well!”.

Freya Janney moved to Retford Oaks from another school two years ago, which her mum said “was an extremely hard decision”. Having previously been struggling with her studies, she received extra support from staff both during and after school, and today discovered she was top for progress made amongst girls at the academy. Freya said: “I can’t believe how well I’ve done. It was so hard to start a new school and I am so pleased that the decision paid off.”

Fran Heald achieved one grade 9 and five grade 8s and was physically jumping for joy when she opened the envelope. She said “I’m so happy! This has been a fantastic school and I can’t wait to take my next steps.”

Joe Garrett, who achieved grade 9s in chemistry, physics and RE said: “I am so happy with these results, and I’d like to thank Mr Olley – our Head of Science – for supporting me. I’m now one step closer to going to medical school, where I want to study psychiatry.”

Rhiannon Emery was another high achiever, gaining six grade 9s. She said: “I am staying on for sixth form and have the ultimate aim of becoming a maths teacher. My own maths teacher, Mr Furness, has been an inspiration to me.”

Retford Oaks Academy principal, Heather Widdup, said: “I am blown away and delighted with this fantastic set of results. Our students and staff have embodied our motto of dedication to excellence and have shown a real determination to succeed.

“Record numbers of our year 11 students have opted to stay on to study for their A Levels, when we bring them back into the academy this September. I am incredibly proud of what they have achieved and look forward to watching them progress further towards their goals over the next two years.”

Half of the academy’s students gained five or more GCSEs at a grade 4 or above (a standard pass), including English and maths, with a further strong cohort gaining five or more GCSEs including English and maths at a grade 5 or above (a high level pass).