Exam board: Pearson
Qualification type: BTEC
Course code: 600/4779/3
Contact: Mr Kane –

Physical education offers a variety of topics and develops a knowledge base, which provides a platform for further education and employment. We welcome students with a passion for sport who are keen to progress in the area.

What will be studied?

This course is made up of four modules worth 25% of the overall grade each. The examination focuses on the topics covered in the fitness for sport and exercise unit – this is a core unit. Students complete a second core unit on practical performance in sport. This unit is assessed through practical performances in two sports and assignments about the activities covered.
There is a third compulsory unit on applying the principles of personal training, which requires students to plan, undertake and evaluate a personal exercise programme. Students then study one final unit titled ‘leading sports activities’, which is assessed through assignments with a mixture of practical sports coaching.

Why study PE?

• Helps you to understand how fitness training improves performance in sports activities and how to test components of fitness.
• Gives you an opportunity to perform your sport(s) at a recognised level.
• Enables you to learn about the rules, regulations, scoring systems and officials in sports.
• Allows you to evaluate your own performance in sports.
• Links directly to sports psychology.
• Develops leadership skills.
• Prepares you to study BTEC PE at level 3.

Assessment structure

The course is made up of four units. There is one externallyassessed unit, which is a 1 hour, 15 minute examination, and the remaining units are assessed internally through practical activities and assignments. The examination paper will be sat upon the completion of the fitness for sport and exercise unit, when deemed appropriate by the physical education department. The practical activities will be recorded and moderated by an external visiting moderator. Assignments will be
completed under unlimited controlled circumstances once the content has been delivered through lessons. These will also be moderated by an external visiting moderator

Career opportunities

• Teacher of physical education
• Physiotherapist
• Journalist
• Sports coach
• Sports scientist
• Sports technician
• Armed forces