The weather was fresh yet bright as 29 of our year 11 students set out for their bronze Duke of Edinburgh expedition this past weekend.

The bronze expedition took place within Sherwood Forest and consisted of 2 days of walking alongside an overnight camp. In addition to practicing navigation skills and wildlife-spotting, students also had to plan, prepare and cook their evening meal and the next morning’s breakfast.

As the first in a series of challenges to complete the award, the expedition was quite the endeavour for students who had never camped out or walked a substantial distance before.  Despite this, all students worked hard and demonstrated enthusiasm, resilience and motivation to complete it.

“I feel so proud to chaperone our students on their expedition. Watching them navigate their way around check points throughout the two days. They were all amazing and are a credit to the academy.” – Mrs B

Comments from our students:

“My DofE experience was a valuable bonding experience and I think our group is closer now due to shared experiences.”

“I really enjoyed the expedition but it was hard carrying a heavy rucksack for so long. It was fun to camp out for the first time and being with my friends was an unforgettable experience.”

“I enjoyed it because it was fun. I particularly enjoyed sitting with my friends and cooking our evening meal together.”