Qualification type: GCSE
Exam board: OCR
Course code: 601/8975/7
Contact: Mrs Simpson – ksimpson@retfordoaks-ac.org.uk

Drama will not only give you the opportunity to attain a key GCSE but will also help you to develop key life skills such as team work, communication and how to be a team leader. You will be able to explore all aspects of drama, from performing in front of a variety of audiences, to scripted sketches and improvised scenes. The use of technology and stage-crafts, such as make-up, costume, video, lighting, and sound, is essential and will be covered within the course.

What will be studied?

Students can choose how to be assessed. This means students have the choice to complete the course as a performer, as a designer or through a combination of both roles. The qualification is made up of three components. There is one non-examined component (30%) and one moderated examined unit (30%). There is a final written exam at the end of the course (40%). Theory and practical work will be integrated throughout the course and all the work studied will be explored practically.

Why study drama?

Students will gain valuable transferable skills that will prepare them for the modern world. Drama allows students to become independent learners, critical thinkers and effective decision makers – all personal attributes that can make them stand out as they progress through their education and into employment.

Assessment structure

Component 1: devising drama – 60 marks

Students will create a devised performance in groups. Students can choose to work as a performer or designer in this component. All performances must be supported by a portfolio, which is evidence of the devising process and can be a made up of a combination of writing, images, observation notes and artefacts.

Component 2: text performance – 60 marks

Students will study a play and take a part in two performances based on two extracts from the text. Students can work as a performer or designer in this component and are required to produce an accompanying concept document, which outlines intentions for the performance.

Final exam assessment – 80 marks

The exam component will be assessed at the end of the qualification and will be 1 hour, 30 minutes in length. There are two sections to the exam. Section A focuses on the exploration of ’Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell. Section B gives opportunity to develop evaluative skills. Students are required to visit the theatre and create an evaluation of something they have seen.

Career opportunities

By studying GCSE drama, you will not necessarily be an actor, but you will use the skills you learn, throughout your life. Confidence in your ability as a team leader and communicator is a key skill in any career.