Qualification type: GCSE
Exam board: AQA
Course code: 8236
Contact: Mrs Simpson –

Dance is more than about simply appearing on stage. Through dance students learn to work in a group, respect the ideas of others, and develop their own personal view of the world.

Dance offers you the chance to develop stage skills and it will also help your inter-personal skills and your ability to meet deadlines.

Why choose Dance?

Dance is offered through practical, theory and performance assessments. You will be expected to choreograph as a soloist. If you enjoy creating and performing Dance, then this is the subject for you.

Students will gain the skills and experiences to better prepare them for the demands of post 16 and college. In short, this subject will prepare you well for your future career, whether it is in the performance sector or any other career path.

What skills will I develop?

  • Technical and performance skills
  • The process and art of choreography
  • The inter-relationships between creation, presentation, and viewing/appreciation of dance works
  • Professional dance works and the significance of these works
  • Subject specific terminology and its use

Subject content

Component 1: Performance and choreography

Students will develop and apply knowledge, understanding and skills to perform dance as a soloist for approximately one minute and in a duet/trio for a minimum of three minutes.

Students will also learn how to respond creatively to an externally set stimulus, to choreograph their own complete dance. The dance created must be either: a solo dance of a minimum of two minutes, or a group dance for two to five dancers for a minimum of three minutes.

Through learning to choreograph and perform their own dance, students will also develop and apply knowledge of safe practice.

Component 2: Dance appreciation

Through written communication and use of appropriate terminology, students will be able to critically analyse, interpret and evaluate their own work in performance and choreography and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of professional practice.

Dance appreciation is assessed through a written exam of 1 hour 30 mins duration.

How is it assessed?

Performance – 30% GCSE (40 marks)

Choreography – 30% GCSE (40 marks)

Dance appreciation – 40% GCSE written exam (80 marks)

Career opportunities

• Choreographer
• Dance teacher
• Dance administration and management
• Dance movement therapy