Qualification type: WJEC Level 1/2 Award
Exam board: WJEC
Course code: 603/3068/5
Contact: Mr Tomkins –

This course has been designed to allow learners to develop the understanding and skills required for a range of job roles in construction. The units provide an overview of technical roles such as bricklayers, carpenters and electricians, as well as professional roles such as site inspectors, project managers and architects, and how they work together in construction projects.

What will be studied?

The WJEC Level 1/2 Award in construction supports learners to develop an awareness of the construction industry. It is useful for students who want to learn about the construction industry from the build perspective. It provides learners with a broad introduction to the different trades involved in the sector and the types of career opportunities available. It is an ideal foundation for further study. Students may go on to start an apprenticeship or continue with their studies in order to pursue a range of job roles.

Why study construction?

This course places a high expectation upon behaviour and safety. Learners are expected to display high levels of self control and behaviour to ensure the safety of themselves and others. Constant reference is made to the workplace environment and learners are expected to adjust and meet our mature expectations.

Assessment structure

Units are assessed through a controlled internal assessment or external assessment.

Unit 1: safety and security in construction
(external assessment online)
Unit 2: practical construction skills (internal assessment)
Unit 3: planning construction projects

Why is the construction industry a great place to work?

You get to build the stuff people depend on. How many professionals in other industries can point at the brand-new hospital in town and say, ‘I helped build that’? Whether it’s a road, a home, a sewage system or a school, the things you build matter to your community. A strong construction industry equals a strong economy. Construction projects provide jobs, inject funds and new life into a community, and create the infrastructure critical to keeping the country moving forward. You get to see immediate results from your work. At the end of every day, you can see the progress you and your team have made. Watching that progress turn into a completed project is one of the most rewarding parts of a construction job.