“I believe science is like our own human magic.”

February 11 celebrates the 8th international day of women and girls in science.

To mark the occasion we are celebrating our female students’ love for all things STEM as they talk about what they love about science and why.

“I find science so interesting! I love the fact that I get to do practical experiments and watch demonstrations with different chemicals.” – Megan B

“Science is the best because it aids my understanding of the world and helps me become the best version of myself.” – Daisy H

“I love science as it allows us to get to know the world around us better. I will definitely take A levels in biology and chemistry and will be proud to be a woman with a career in STEM.” – Vani P

“I love science as it feeds my curious brain and it’s amazing to learn about new things.” – Hafsa H

“I believe science is like our own human magic. It’s a very curious subject and we haven’t even discovered the answer to everything yet. When someone tells me they don’t like science, it gets on all 7 billion of my nerves!” – Izzy B

“I love science because it empowers me as a woman and I think it’s important to have more women in the science field.” – Summer L

“I love science, in particular biology, because I can appreciate the intricacy of how it all works. For example our understanding of the human body and how we ourselves have developed through science.” – Poppy M