This week in the academy we have been taking part part in British Science Week. This year’s theme was ‘connections’ and there has been lots of fun and engaging activities that students have enjoyed taking part in both inside and outside of their science lessons.

To kick off #BritishScienceWeek a group of our year 10 students enjoyed a trip to Sheffield Hallam University. They crafted several fantastic rockets, which are going to be launched in competition at the university next week.

We’re pleased to report that students enjoyed the trip very much and are hoping to win some prizes when the rockets are launched!

Our year 8 students ‘connected’ with nature by completing a ‘tree health check’ and investigating the organisms that live on and within the trees.

They had to collect samples and then identify the organisms using the #ExploreUrbanNature checklist. Lots of samples of lichen, spiders, insects and leaves were correctly found and identified

British Science Week continued with a fantastic sixth form trip to the Sheffield Hallam University Science and Engineering department.

Our students studied how real-world physics affect animation in film-making and applied their knowledge to create a stop motion animation. We had lovely feedback from the professor regarding our students’ attention to detail and critiquing their work.

In the afternoon they utilised lasers to calculate the width of a single hair from their heads. As always, our students shone and were a real credit to the academy.