Our year 9 students shared a very special and moving privilege during their visit to The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

The students had a highly engaging and thought provoking day and had the great pleasure and privilege to listen to and speak with Ruth Schwiening, a German refugee who was forced to flee her native Germany and leave her Jewish family when she came to England.

Ruth is an established artist, who uses her art to express her emotions that these events install within her.

The students listened intently for just over 1 hour and 30 minutes and then followed this up with some insightful and thoughtful questions for Ruth to answer. Indeed, Ruth’s concluding comments were that the students were an absolute credit to the academy and themselves.

“I would like to congratulate your pupils not only on their good behaviour but on the interest they showed in the subject matter. Several of your pupils asked very relevant questions and one young girl had the courage to come to the front to ask a question.”

We are so proud of the manners and empathy our students display during such sensitive matters #OaksAndProud.