Students from Retford Oaks Academy took a once in a lifetime trip to visit Britain’s biggest warship in Liverpool last week during its week-long stay in the city.

This is the first time that civilians have been allowed on-board the HMS Prince of Wales and our students were privileged enough to be invited to take part by the Royal Navy.

The trip was organised by Mrs Maggi Pugh, Careers Adviser at Retford Oaks Academy, for students in years 9, 10 and 11 interested in the Armed Forces or a career in engineering.

She said: “This was an incredible opportunity for students to understand the role of The Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. It incorporated a unique tour of the aircraft carrier and working helicopters.”

At 280 m long and 70 m wide, the ship can carry four Merlin helicopters and 36 fighter planes. The younger sister to HMS Queen Elizabeth, it is the largest and most powerful ship ever made for the Royal Navy.

Maggi continued: “We also used the day to look at the history and architecture of the city of Liverpool as the dock is adjacent to The Liver Buildings. Students researched the building and its famous liver birds.”

The £3.1 billion warship will continue its sea trials in the Irish Sea before returning to its home port in Portsmouth.