Ethos and values

Our ethos

Our academy’s ethos is built on four key values which are at the very heart of everything we do. We expect high standards of behaviour from all our students as this enables all to flourish and learn within the academy. We strive to maximise opportunities by ensuring high quality teaching and learning in an outstanding educational environment. We are dedicated to providing academic and personal growth as we continually progress as an academy.

Our values


Our academy is built on respect for each other, our environment, our community and ourselves. We all have different views, talents and abilities. Valuing each other’s contributions and celebrating our individual personalities, voices and talents are key to our academy ethos.


Our academy is dedicated to excellence and we are constantly developing innovative practices to enhance the high quality teaching we offer to all of our students. Cutting edge technology, alongside a range of other methods, is used to inspire learning and deepen comprehension.


Students are constantly asked to challenge themselves. We actively encourage each to go beyond what they think is possible. Teaching and support staff encourage our students and enable their goals to be reached. Monitoring individual progress ensures the academy rewards success and offers appropriate developmental support.


Our academy is the central point of an extended family which includes staff, students, parents and governors. We are committed to offering exceptional pastoral care, enabling every individual to grow within our learning community. We work together, we learn together, and our dedication to excellence drives us towards the communal aim of achieving our goals, in the classroom and beyond.

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