Creative iMedia

Qualification type: Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2
Exam board: OCR
Course code: J817
Contact: Mr Cooper –

This vocationally related qualification takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. It equips students with a range of skills and provides opportunities to develop transferable skills, such as research, planning, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively. The hands-on approach has strong relevance to the way young people use the technology required in creative media.

What will be studied?

There are several different units available to study during this qualification. Students studying creative iMedia will learn:
• how to create digital graphics
• how to create a multipage website
• how to design a game concept
• how to apply pre-production techniques

Why study creative iMedia?

Having solid ICT and computer literacy skills is paramount to having a successful career in the future. If you like to learn in a hands-on fashion creating products through coursework, then you will enjoy studying creative iMedia. You will also learn many transferrable skills such as how to effectively plan and evaluate your work to ensure it is of a high standard.

Assessment structure

One exam worth 25% (with two attempts at the exam) and three controlled assessment projects worth 75%

Career opportunities

• Media planner
• Multimedia specialist
• Programme researcher
• Broadcasting/film/video
• Public relations officer
• Runner broadcasting/film/video
• Television/film/video producer